Chicago Bears Rumors: Sign JJ Watt? Allen Robinson Franchise Tag? Carson Wentz Trade Drama?

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Chicago Bears Rumors are starting to swirl the NFL offseason in full swing. Bears Rumors today are centered around JJ Watt free agency, Allen Robsinson franchise tag chances and Carson Wentz trade rumors. Bears Now Host Harrison Graham breaks down all of the Bears rumors in today’s Bears rumors video!

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JJ Watt will be a free agent and NFL rumors suggest that he is interested in returning to the midwest where he played college football. Are the Bears a JJ Watt free agency destination? Allen Robinson will reportedly be franchise tagged in the hopes that Ryan Pace and Robinson will be able to come to a long term contract. Despite reported dama Allen Robinon is still interested in returning to Chicago.

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Carson Wentz trade rumors have died down a little with reports that the Eagles have yet to to be offered a 1st round pick in a Carson Wentz trade. Carson Wentz reportedly wants to be traded to the Colts and the Eagles want to trade Carson Wentz out of the NFC which could make the asking price steeper for Ryan Pace and the Bears. Should the Bears off a 1st round pick in the NFL draft to make a Carson Wentz trade to the Bears happen?

Today’s Chicago Bears Rumors:
- JJ Watt free agency
- Allen Robinson franchise tag?
- Carson Wentz trade rumors

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