MLB The Show 21 Texas Rangers Franchise Yr 4 gms 7-12

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This is year 4 of my Texas Rangers franchise for MLB The Show 21 on PS5. I use a HEAVILY edited version of the Full Minors roster from RidinRosters in the vault. I play one game and simulate the next five.

Hitting Diff - Hall of Fame
Hitting Int - Zone
Pitching Diff - Legend
Throw Int - Buttons Accuracy
Baserunning - Auto

Batting Camera: Custom1 (I lowered it, zoomed in a little and made it where the pitcher is in the middle of the strike zone)

Sliders(If not listed it's on default)
Hum Foul Freq 4
Hum Start Stam 6
Hum Pitcher Cont 3
Hum Pitcher Cons 4
CPU Power 6
CPU Foul Freq 4
CPU Solid Hits 7
CPU Starter Stam 6
FB Pitch Speed 7
Offsp Pitch Sp 7
Fielder Run Sp 4
Baserunner Stl Ab 7
Baserunner Stl Fr 6
Wind 6
Injury 4
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